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Cycling clothing necessary?

Cycling is best to have a special dress, wear special Jersey will make
For more comfort, it can enhance the efficiency of movement, wore professional clothes is necessary
Believe all that advanced "player-level" bikers have had such experiences;
Riding wear clothes with expensive car always feels a bit
Out, long distance riding not only ass pain, broken skin is the crutch of the worse!
In fact, when you have described problems, General leisure cycling shirts have been unable to meet your needs;
What you need is a special tunnel for protection of long distance riding, cutting and fast wicking dry feature of professional car service!
Early cycling shirts outside of material progress, compared with modern all have one thing in common; using close-fitting cut.
More close-fitting clothing when riding bicycles is not only to reduce wind resistance, long pants are not rolled into the Cup as dangerous;
In addition of elastic materials such as: Lycra (Lycra)
Not only riding pants do not roll out, tight-fitting material can decrease muscle fatigue; close-fitting tailoring for many people is difficult to accept at first, the biggest reason is not tight-fitting comfort ~ but too close, body curves are too obvious; but we are sure riding bicycles will only make your curve is more and more obvious ~
This is not what we would like to see isn't it?
In order to make all minimize wind resistance coefficient, bicycle pros wear costumes and even through wind tunnel testing!
All the reasons, of course, is that just a few seconds on the Court; this is a few seconds to win the key!
Choose more form-fitting bicycle clothing, is share the advantages of