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Function and role of sportswear

Sportswear is the maximum function of exercise to maximize athletes of potentials, and in outdoor activities, wear comfort and whether it can protect the body from harm.
The performance of natural needs are clothing consumers these days, such as performance and comfort performance and so on. Although at the time of purchase will take into account the price more factors, but high-performance clothing provided by the applicability would stimulate consumption.
Clothes tend to thin, soft, durable and easy to wash and dry fast. High performance sports apparel fabric take into account two major factors is maximize the comfort of the clothing, the second is minimized to reduce the risk of accidental injury or muscle damage, as well as reducing friction and resistance. High performance garment has a variety of functions. Such as protecting the wearer from outside factors, such as sunlight, wind, rain, snow and other violations; for example also helps control the body's heat discharged sweat, and so on.
Different movement of sportswear also has its corresponding of targeted, for example basketball movement, is a very has vitality and fierce of movement, corresponding of, professional basketball movement clothing on need highlight row Khan function and breathable sex, makes movement in the wearing feel comfortable; and as bike game, than of is athletes speed, and endurance and skills, that corresponding of clothing on need focused on protection sex, and personal sex and comfortable sex.