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Moisture-wicking fabric works

Moisture wicking fabric is what we often call "moisture-absorbent and fast drying cloth" or "breathable fabric"
Moisture wicking fibers with high specific surface area, there are numerous exciting holes or grooves on the surface, the vision of the cross section for special shapes, by the capillary effect, the fiber can quickly absorb skin moisture and sweat, through diffusion and passed to the outer layer of hair.
Folding moisture wicking fabric fiber absorbent
Characteristics of water absorption of moisture wicking fibers have, is the surface there are many internal and external communication of micro-holes or fibrillary clearances and grooves on the surface, makes the water easier into the fiber, while along the fiber axis, grooves, or many tubular capillaries, providing channels for moisture migration, so fibers with good absorption capacity. Water absorption does not appear like that due to water absorption and swelling phenomenon.
Folding drying of moisture-wicking fabric fiber
Polyester water mainly by a large number of micro-porous capillary fiber grip of gravity or mechanically in the preservation of a capillary fibers. In normal ambient temperature water easy to transport to the surface and evaporate.
Moisture-wicking fabric function is through the fabric or fibers in structural design, such as, change of water moisture, move, wicking properties, but also has absorbent and quick-drying. Perspiration is produced using fiber micro-grooves on the surface of capillary so sweat wicking, diffusion, transfer and etc, and migrate to the surface of the fabric and spread rapidly, enabling them to quickly evaporate, thus keeping the skin dry. Meanwhile, in a moist State nor lodging like a cotton fiber, will always be able to keep the fabric and comfortable micro-climate conditions of skin, achieve the goal of increased comfort.