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Seven steps to teach you how to perfect the purchase ski jacket

Ski jacket is one of the most important piece of equipment. It needs to play the role of warm in extremely cold weather, must be functional and durable hardwearing, but also make you look very attractive on the ski. If you want to find a fit for your ski jacket, where to start? The following 7 steps to help you to choose a good ski jacket.
First, the outer material. Most traditional ski jacket is warm insulation, natural in a cold environment is good, but in warmer weather or were uncomfortable to wear during body movement. But the thin layer of breathable, waterproof, durable fabric is very good. It can be wind and rain, this material change clothes, controls the body temperature, is also very convenient.
Second, choose the best brand. When choosing a ski jacket is prone to big brands. However, Hagl which FS, and Arc'teryx, and Kjus and Norrona brands are made of the best materials to make the best ski, but expensive. Sweet Protection, and Scott, and Peak Performance and Helly Hansen ski jacket made of good quality, and the price is not so expensive, and cheap.
Third, find the best version. If you want a practical ski jacket, but you also don't want to look like to wear colored sacks filled with potatoes, chubby. Spent in particular ski jacket is a wardrobe in one of the most. You want in effect to look better naturally. Lucky is that ski manufacturers incorporate this point into consideration. In the snow falling is inevitable, then cover the buttocks long jacket is fine, and this snow suit will elongate your body proportions. In addition, view or when you take the ski lift cable car in a snowstorm, make sure clothing is a good fit, could see movement, the sleeves long enough, looking in the jaw can be hidden in the collar. Determine if this is the only way to go to the store and try on a variety of online shopping ski suits are sometimes you win sometimes you lose, a poor quality is guaranteed.
Finally, some technical information. When buying ski jacket, manufacturers descriptions of its products makes people more or less confused. For some technical terms, if you don't know, it's hard to make decisions. Small series does not explain all technical terms mean to you, but to tell you exactly what you want to pay close attention to what, such as up to 20,000 mm waterproof (10,000 mm is enough, but it should be a little higher) and windproof zipper.
Finally, select a glow color. Regardless of whether you look very full, round, ski jacket color is very important. Not only are you going to wear an entire season, even for several years, and the selected color is to allow others to easily recognise you. Choose bright colors will make you and other people apart. Emerald green, bright orange, mint-colored dress to the ski look good.
VI, "you bitch"-buy cost more the longer wear. When you buy a t-shirt how to spend less, with your mind, but in the end wearing only a shirt. But a ski jacket is different. Money is spent on this snow suit manufacturing technology, durability, waterproofness, breathability, and so on. Don't worry about spending too much, because of the high price, the longer wear. A high quality ski jacket is an investment, put on for years is not a problem. Most of the previous season's ski-jackets have always been cheaper than when the sale of, and except for color, you will notice a difference.
Finally, environmental protection. Picture Organic Clothing and Haglofs company uses recycled materials and environmentally friendly waterproofing agent. If money is not very comfortable, you can choose brands like TK Maxx and Decathlon. Such brands of jackets is not really technical, Norrona compared with O'Neill, for example, some bad; and the color looks a bit weird. But the price is really low, you can also go to discount Mountain Warehouse to see the site. However, preferably before you buy into a store to try on several jackets.