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Sun protection clothing choices

1. is Sun protection clothing, but most brands of sunscreen, clothing salesman was verbally say, only some parts of clothes in an outdoor brand are marked ”Sun”, ”UPF40+”, ”UPF30+”, the words ”, and” ultraviolet shielding can effectively absorb UVA and UVB ”and other shows. On the market and sales of fabrics of different sun protection clothing is different, almost all outdoor brands of Sun-protective clothing fabrics are 100% nylon, transparent style, soft texture. Sun protective clothing (2)
2. UV and sunscreen is important
It is understood that Sun protection clothing is special clothing for outdoor travel. Reporters visited several malls outdoor shop, the salesperson in the shop showed reporters a shirt and trousers, price is around 600 Yuan. Sales personnel said that these clothes are devoted to the Sun, go hiking and outdoor activities for a long time (fishing), you can wear this kind of Sun-protective clothing.
This dress shirt and pants of fabric feel thin, soft to the touch. It is reported that this main performance material is breathable clothes, and the texture of the coat is 100% polyester, nylon Pant material is 100%. Special UV logo on the label, and the SPF logo.
3. recognize the standard label not ”obfuscation”
These sun protection clothing is justified or commercial hype? Quality inspection departments, UV protection products should be marked on the label has the following three components: the standard numbering, GB/T18830;UPF values: 30+ or 50+;UVA transmission rate: less than 5%; or in long stretches of humid circumstances, the protection provided by the product performance. Sunscreen fabrics made of formal clothing, in their clothes marked with clear signs of Sun-screening parameters.
4. According to the industry
As for color, the darker the color, the higher ultraviolet protection performance. As for texture, chemical fibers, polyester of sunscreen is best, followed by nylon, rayon, silk, sunscreen than less, linolenic and natural fiber works best.
But for some the need for a long time outdoors or skin problems due to sunscreen for people with special requirements, regular clothes and can not meet the needs of its Sun, sunscreen will need to wear special clothing. Therefore, people need to look carefully at the time of purchase SPF labeling of clothing, not price the higher the SPF the better.
5. black t-shirt is the Sun but hottest
People wearing clothes in summer generally prefer lighter in color, black is ”taboo”. But when it comes to sunscreen, black t shirt has a slightly white t-shirt a cut above.
During the experiment, the staff found t thickness very close to the black and white cotton t-shirt. Experiments found that black ultraviolet transmittance of just 4%.
Optical experts, the clothes are darker, more powerful light absorption. Light on the white part is reflected, some transmission, therefore, is dressed in white clothes and you'll feel cooler, but UV light may be transmitted to the skin. Wearing black clothes, have largely been absorbed by light, while blocking ultraviolet effect, but at the cost of a little heat. This is can say everything has its advantages and disadvantages.