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Sun protection clothing introduced

Sun protection clothing's main role is to fight against direct exposure to solar UV, and umbrellas are the same, makes the skin from the Sun and turn black, this is a required course for many beautiful women. Of course, sunscreen is not just for girls. All outdoor activities, people should love their attention to the Sun. Outdoor sun protection clothing is the biggest feature is the translucent, cool to wear sunscreen.
Sun protection clothing is generally three types: one is the color-cotton fabrics with clothing, green, red, blue, bright green color UV maximum isolation rate. Second is the anti-UV fabric, this production principle is very simple, in fact, part of the cloth is anti-UV additives, such as with special needs will be made out of thick finishing cloth, called thick finishing is the greater density of the fabric is woven. Third is a special fabric clothes, such as silver reflective material, which is clearly marked on the label of the garment material, UPF index and other related parameters.
Sun protection clothing in 2007 in the United States first became popular, and then entered China. Currently in the country, anti-UV fabric mostly used in outdoor products, application of ordinary clothing is still relatively small.
On January 1, 2011, China released its latest assessment criteria the assessment of anti-UV properties of textiles. Which States: only when the products of the UPF is greater than 30 and UVA transmittance is less than 5%, and will only be called the ”ultraviolet”; UV protection products should be marked on the label has the following three components: 1. the number of this standard, namely GB/t18830;2.UPF values: 30+ or 50+;3. In long stretches of or under damp conditions, the protection provided by the product may be reduced. In the evaluation standards: UVA is the UV on human health in the largest part of the band that, while UPF refers to the degree of UV transmission, the larger, less transmission.