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Sun selected knowledge

Sun, mainly anti-UV, but white was not able to prevent ultraviolet light;
It may be said to be white, in fact, the answer is black Oh!
UV wear white clothes. This statement is made up of people mistakenly believe that "white has a rebound effect of UV", but in fact it was wrong. In the summer, compared with black clothes, white and other light colors looks cooler, many people choose to wear white or light color of dress, in fact, on the sunscreen to prevent UV rays are the most recommended are black or dark colors such as green clothes!
Direct exposure to ultraviolet rays through clothing while dressed in white clothes on your skin. Maybe you have experienced, when dressed in white shirt at the beach or the wild, inadvertently had tanned skin, which is the principle in the role of white absorbs more UV. In addition, because white shirt reflects ultraviolet light in an irregular manner, not only on the body, even the face is tanned, Oh
In this respect, because of black and dark tones clothing fabric will absorb UV light, therefore does not cause ultraviolet radiation on the skin, which can achieve the effect of sunscreen.
White and pale tones of clothes have become necessities of summer dress, black and dark colors because people feel sultry may be unpopular, but if you look at effects on skin, is also considering whether to build a summer dress with black
Reference data, if UV black compared to the "1",
Blue: 2.5 times
Red: 4 times
White: 7 times
Absorption (UV) rate, even to dress in white, internal body is also likely to be tanned. So, even in the summer, as well as a "black" Oh!