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The role and use of moisture-wicking fabric

Moisture-wicking fabric is widely used in shirts, jackets, trousers, sportswear, lingerie, linings, decorative products, and other fields. Use wicking fibers can improve personal comfort of the clothing due to adjustable fitting clothing and the skin surface between water and the relationship between climate (climate within clothing), clothing and a sense of pressure or contact skin contact, can be called”breathable fabric" fabric has the feel of cotton, and refreshing feeling. Moisture wicking fabric fibers in use, the most prominent is in the area of sports-related, so in sportswear, track suit and other purposes has been heavy use of trend, particularly in the sporting field, this function has been identified for the provision of functions. Athletic wear very strong demand for this type of fiber in the field.
Rapid development of moisture-wicking fabric, special features of textiles continued to be developed, since their functions are excellent and the price is competitive, in addition to future moisture wicking fabric athletic wear, casual wear, underwear and other clothing uses, use