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What are the features what is fleece fabric

Polar Fleece fabric specially treated with antistatic, not inflammable, heat and so on. Also with all polar fleece fabric fabric for composite processing, used to warm clothing kits, can make the effect of the cold so much better. Common with polar fleece and denim fabric, fleece and lamb fur, polar fleece not composite waterproof and breathable membrane with mesh, and so on.

Fleece composite technology not only can be used on clothing, has been widely applied to other fabric technology. Composite technology will be the same two qualities or different quality polar fleece composite process fit together, can be used in the blankets making. Polar Fleece soft, after processing making bedding, give a warm and comfortable feel.

Gentex, was established in 1999 as we saw a glaring customer need to provide a reliable quality, price competitive knit and woven performance apparel manufacturing service. Starting primarily in cycling, running and yoga apparel, we have expanded into skiwear and sailing apparel.

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