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A Cycling Clothing Is A Necessary Ride

It is a very common problem whether cycling rides are necessary or not. The reason for not wearing a Cycling Clothing is always two reasons, one feels that there is no need to wear a Cycling Clothing, because not a professional rider, the second thought that the appearance of riding clothes gorgeous exaggeration, it is too publicity. That said, but for many cyclists, Cycling Clothing are a must-have, and they think it is necessary to wear a ride in a ride.

Just as swimming is why you wear swimming trunks, because swimming trunks can reduce the resistance of water, the beach attracts attention, it is a very professional clothing, but you swim when you feel that you wear swimming pants is a very exaggerated thing? It's embarrassing for those who don't wear bathing trunks to swim and the underwear touches the water. Because everyone knows that the main function of bathing pants is to avoid the embarrassment of the water to become transparent.

Similarly, riding a ride can help riders reduce wind resistance during the ride, but the main function of the tights is to bind the muscles and assist in perspiration. The fabric of the Cycling Clothing is more special, can be the body surface sweat through clothing fiber transport to the surface of the clothes, riding at the same time quickly evaporation, to achieve efficient perspiration, dry riding, and in order to achieve this way of perspiration, is the speed of dry clothing can not be replaced, is also the main reason for riding most expensive.

Maybe you can ride a teenager 20 kilometers do not think ordinary clothes have anything awkward, but you go to $number kilometer above riding time, every more a point of wind resistance, every more negative hundreds of grams of weight, it is very different. In addition, the rear side of the Cycling Clothing usually has 3 deep pockets, let go of the machine, wallet what is completely no problem, and the pocket is designed in the back, open up, considering the action of the ride, you will find this kind of mouth bagged some of the food and change far more comfortable than the general clothes pocket, but also greatly facilitate the bike travel.

Secondly, the shape of the Cycling Clothing is not exaggerated, the appearance is also good for safety, the road can be eye-catching, the driver can see a large distance, but also warn the driver, this cyclist is not the same as the general cycling to buy vegetables. And a lot of riding clothes behind the design of reflective bar, the night of the driver behind the bike is also easy to find you.