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Customized Jersey Should Pay Attention To?

When professional cycling whispering when the homes of ordinary people, and riding equipment are endless, and Jersey because the quantity is small, making flexible carrier with lots of personality and team logo, appearing is like bamboo shoots after a rain of customized Jersey manufacturers. So many teams, clubs and even families or individuals would choose to customize your own Jersey. Someone might be wondering what will happen choose Jersey manufacturer, now to share with you some custom Jersey should pay attention to a few points:

1, and price, this is many people customized process in the primary care of problem; purpose is to has a budget, more hope get affordable of price, but too of pursuit price on need note has; saying of good "cheap no good goods, good goods not cheap"; customized riding line clothing main cost performance in: cloth, and seat pad, and hot turned paper, and hot turned printing ink, and artificial and the company operation costs of,, each factory will according to himself of riding line clothing production cost to developed himself of products sales price. And the most important factor affecting the price is fabric, seat and manual thermal transfer ink; encounter cheap Jersey will pay special attention to these four points. Is the so-called "wool grows on the sheep's back", the price is too low, some manufacturers to order, only in the "wool" was seen on, so for customers, is a Pyrrhic victory;
 2, Jersey fabrics, Jersey belonged to sports clothing, in the course of its production requires the use of specialist fabrics and accessories. Now mainstream fabric: clothing, including summer and fleece: 100% polyester 100%polyester; pants should be divided into two parts: the stained part, 88% Nylon spandex 80%nylon 20%spandex, 12% (there are manufacturers in order to save costs with 88% polyester, spandex 88%polyester, 12%spandex 12%); printed parts, 88% polyester and spandex 88%polyester, 12% spandex 。 (Nylon than polyester of to your 1 time times also more, as why to separate in printing that is will detailed description) addition different of raw materials factory and origin, may in quality aspects has differences, now for domestic excellent brand also compared mature, but fabric and original yarn also is Italy Taiwan there of more wins a raised, certainly real of Italy products price is quite of Italy, price compared high of is Taiwan produced of fabric has. This difference between the many through the contrast was clear, poor is sultry, tight, no sweat-absorbent, easy sweat; good very breathable, moisture-wicking performance and mold proofing antibacterial, anti-UV, especially some overcome the special cold dry hot nature of polyester fabric. There are a number of functional composite material, three-layer laminate and a warm fleece layer and a layer of waterproof breathable membrane and an outer network layer, expensive, but worth it. There is a regular series of fleece, for warmth. There are windproof, waterproof and breathable does not carefully introduced. Above all fabric maisenlan are currently in the process of customized Jersey is also used, but see the client's choice.
 3, and riding line cushion: today popular of riding line cushion General has sponge, and silicone, and Super fiber cushion several; sponge is most General of, with have most wide is technology most mature of, but this which mixed, price disparity, can best of is sponge in the, worst of also in sponge in the; recently silicone of noisy have is hot, but more of just a stunt, may with had of people are know, real of silicone pad is is thick of, so in riding line in the will has relief force of shortcomings, and breathable performance big discount, However if it is a real long distance or riding more than 10 consecutive days or longer trips, we would recommend using silicone, General riding in particular sport is never recommended silicone. (There are plenty of fake, prices are not very expensive), there are also known as suede Microfiber cushion seat covers, breathable performance poor performance space there is no sponge, can be selected, but not blindly;
 4, and riding line clothing printing, now most popular of is used digital hot sublimation transfer printing, that hot turned printing, and name hot sublimation, is put pattern pigment lock to fabric inside, pattern clear, color bright, Sun washing outlasted not faded and not effect fabric itself performance including breathable, and moisture row Khan, and anti-UV, and mold antibacterial and so on; other silk printing of, and hanging drum, process way, paint just printing in fabric surface, seal live cloth of exhaust small hole, will feel is hot, so rarely using in riding line clothing above; but has is, Heat transfer limitation need fabric of polyester content is more than 60% can only have good results.
 5, and hot turned printing ink, is to very note of, because this is chemical real one of, and skin contact close; General compared good of brand are used Italy environmental ink, some to pursuit low cost, is with Korea ink of or domestic of, those now also enough mature, appeared in Sun Xia Sun long has will faded status, easy on skin bad of people produced infection.
 6, Jersey artificial (sewing), a very simple, neat well Jersey sewn fine, spend on precision, easy on easy off parts are reinforced. Because good sewing sewing teacher requirements are high, shipping can also be slow, and there are strict quality inspection process that is, QC Department; as is the magnitude of the parallel importer has neither demanding nor quality links.
 7, Jersey zipper, zipper is also very particular about good zipper first YKK, note present y too much however, if promised with a YKK zipper, it is best to provide proof of purchase.
 8, the company's operational capacity; it is best to get a factory tour, field trips, no need to worry about being cheated, followed by looking for security of Jersey the best manufacturers like regular factory has a perfect after-sales service, is that manufacturers may be required to use more third party such as PayPal payments; General strength of the manufacturers are not denied. Meanwhile, design communication of pre-sale, sales follow-up and after-sales service can show a company's strength and responsibility.
 To sum up, we learned good eyes to identify the manufacturers. Understanding the points, you can ask manufacturers of fabrics, composition, function, it is better to provide a specific list can ask is where the ink; can I ask what kind of cushion; what zip ~ ~ ~ hee hee, you're half Jersey expert.