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Different Season, How To Choose The Right Jersey

Mountain bike riding in the open air, Long Sleeve Jersey for a summer or autumn sun, also has a role in cold and winter compound Jersey, windproof, breathable and warm. Games athletes compete in speed, endurance and skills, is also riding high-tech equipment to the competition. Riding subject style identification, colors have been carefully considered, and the selection and development of functional fabric is the key.
From a professional point of view, Jersey is divided into riding underwear, road cycling clothing and cycling jackets in three categories. Types can be divided into: men's Jersey, women's Cycling clothing and cycling accessories. Cycling accessories can also be divided into cycling gloves, cycling cuff, riding hats, riding shoes and riding coat. Due to riding underwear worn next, very high standards for comfort of fabric. When the weather is cold, usually made of heat retaining, breathable, thermal insulation polyester fabrics when the weather is hot, perspiration, breathable and easy to wash and quick-drying lightweight fabrics become the preferred, such as used by professional weigemi Jersey Italy MITI riding high-end fabrics. Is characterized by emphasis on protection, personal and comfort, and have added some details.
When the weather is cold, riding just choose wicking shirt fabric, breathable, warm and good, usually using fleece fabric on the back. Lycra skin elasticity, reduces the friction between the legs and pants to prevent inner thigh abrasive. Relatively greater risk due to road riding, Jersey has reflective markers at night, reflective material, reflective word not just decoration, is integral to the riding gear "night vision to distinguish" design!