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Government Subsidies In The End Worth It Not Worth It?

Government subsidies in the end worth it not worth it?
France Government really such an economic accounts, while giving the rider's subsidy of up to 109 million euros, but cyclists by exercise improves physical fitness, reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease and other chronic diseases, can save the State of the public health expenditure to reach 35 million euro. According to the World Health Organization's calculations, ride a kilometer, health benefits of return up to 1.22 euros.
This number could not be confirmed, but we believe that these policies must be the bikers feel excited. Many countries and regions are actively promoting green commuting and travel. Bicycle promotion requires not only individual awareness, also needs to provide more support and the enabling environment. This "Government pay people benefit" to lift the worries of cycling is a good way.
You know, for a lot of foreigners, used to commute by bike for her Arabian nights. "So far, if you run into wind and rain, would be very dangerous. "Since the introduction of a number of measures to encourage cycling, they found and not as difficult as she wanted to. Moreover, it rode all the way to almost have everything you need: fresh air, beautiful scenery, fast traffic, safety device, a healthy body ... ...