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How To Cycling Clothing In The Fall Ride

Hot summer blinks in the past, the pace of autumn is slowly approaching. Autumn and evening the temperature difference between the morning and evening, especially for the "sunshine" riders more experience, the morning out when the cold, noon sweat; also a high degree of height, the temperature is more obvious, Hot, down and cold Riding without proper clothing, may greatly affect the ride when the comfort, and thus affect the fun when riding.

It may wish to try this way of wearing, summer Cycling Clothing and cuffs, early autumn more than 20 degrees so wearing, basically not cold, hot can remove the sleeve and leg sets. Cuffs, leg sets of small size, placed in the back pocket of the Cycling Clothing is very convenient.

Long-sleeved Cycling Clothing is one of the most direct way to keep warm.

Fleece long sleeve Cycling Clothing

Many riders on this kind of fabric Cycling Clothing suitable for the season may be misunderstanding, although the name of the "fleece" word, people feel more warm, but in fact this kind of fabric wind and warm effect are generally, usually only Suitable for about 20 degrees in the temperature to wear, to the late autumn or early winter has not felt enough The reason why the current cashmere fabric is more popular, because they are the same as the composition of the summer fabric, are polyester, suitable for printing, so diverse styles, fashion beautiful, to meet the needs of the majority of riders personalized. But for practicality, the general. And fleece material, compared with the summer fabric, elastic in general, so we recommend that you choose, you can appropriate a large code.


Commonly known as windbreaker, is generally made of extremely thin fabric, the front piece of wind, after the film breathable. In fact, windbreaker is a very practical ride, for a long time. And the general windbreaker fabric, but also both a certain waterproof function, so in some long-distance riding, windbreaker is more suitable for a choice. Windbreaker relative price is relatively low. But because the general color of the coat is relatively monotonous, and generally monochrome, personalized aspects of the general. Of course, windbreaker can also do printing, to achieve personalized needs.

If you think the above two ways is not enough to make your ride to become comfortable, you can consider adding a warm cuff, vest or riding vest, this weather changes significantly easy to wear clothing.

The so-called a Cycling Clothing, in some areas, the autumn will bring a lot of frustration Cheyou.

1. riding a raincoat is essential

2. In the case of Cycling Clothing have been warm, you can choose a thin waterproof jacket, both rain and rain can also be in the downhill or windy wind

3. Wearing waterproof pants in rainy weather is the best choice

4. Wear a knee to prevent cold and grazing leg cramps, Chinese medicine, said the knee in the hot and cold when the sudden change in the cold, then the season riding to be carefully protected.