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How To Give Your Baby Pick A Suitable Children's Cycling Clothing?

April hot weather up, let your baby away from mobile computer games, to contact the nature of it! Love cycling parents can take the baby to ride, but you are ready to baby Cycling Clothing it? Or do not you know how to choose a suitable children's Cycling Clothing? Xiao Bian summed up the following points for your reference:

1. Type of choice

In the version of the type of children's Cycling Clothing can not be as we choose adult Cycling Clothing, as required to reduce the wind resistance, children are basically for the comfort of riding a happy ride, so children's Cycling Clothing version type as long as fit comfort can be.

2. Fabric choice

Ordinary Cycling Clothing fabric itself has a protective, high flexibility, wear resistance, and has a good permeability and perspiration, sweat can be quickly discharged to keep the surface dry. Then the children are lively and volatile, than the adult sweat to be large, in the choice of fabric will pay more attention to the choice of perspiration, good ventilation, quick-drying fast functional fabrics, such as broken yarn sweat original gauze The But also can choose some special treatment of the fabric, such as adding antibacterial deodorant silver ions, or antibacterial fiber, etc., to further protect the baby's health.

3. Details of Cycling Clothing

Work side, requiring sewing flat uniform high elasticity, feel smooth and no rough thread, the internal seam flat and solid;

Appearance, the choice by the children like the bright bright colors, cute cute patterns;

Function has a reflective design, the best on both sides have to improve the passive safety of night riding;

In the printing, the choice of skin - friendly, never fade of healthy ink;

In the zipper selection, be sure to choose easy to pull the skin of the zipper. Such as zipper industry originator YKK, domestic well-known brand SBS;

Pants pad must be selected for children designed for children with special pad, and the touch smooth and comfortable, can quickly absorb moisture perspiration.

Do not underestimate these points, do not look at the words will make your baby riding uncomfortable, resulting in disgusting cycling, and even caused unnecessary riding damage. Such as clothes dry is not easy to catch cold, this should be in addition to riding a safe to let parents worry about the problem.

If the market of children's Cycling Clothing can not meet all your needs, you can also set up a few baby together to the factory exclusive custom, more than a few words, the price is not expensive.