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Jersey's Tips

Bike wearing a bright Jersey not to install x be cool, it has a lot of functionality, reduces wind resistance, sweat and protection role. Riding in breathable, fast-wicking keeps the body cool and dry.
Pants must have a good selection, long distance riding, no place will become serious, cushions on the pants decision could sit still in the car. Riding a cushion sponge, silicone, and many other types of materials are.
For everyone to add professional knowledge in pants
1, elastic fabric
Benefit package buttocks, thigh muscles, has certain protection of muscle function (function and running tights the same effect).
2, tight-fitting design
To ride the wind drag reduction, thigh when moving up and down, reducing the inner thighs and seat frictions, protection of the skin of the thigh bruise.
3, insets designed
Proper shock-absorbing, non pressure distribution, reduce feelings of discomfort and oppression by bike.
4, fabric and upholstery material special
Manufacture of special materials can effectively guide and disseminate thermal, sweat.
Wearing pants is not fit to wear the panties