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Ski Suit How To Choose

Selection of ski suits
1. top is loose, the sleeves should be straight up arm is slightly longer than the length of the wrist as the standard, be necking and adjustable cuffs elastic function in skiing is a holistic process of upper limb movement, particularly for beginners. Necklines should be upright with a high neck opening, preventing cold air from entering. Doppelganger dress convenient Ski suit, but in the selection of pants must be high, and the best have a strap and soft belts. Upper body clothing must be loose, to choose halfway up the waist and belt or a belt to prevent sliding snow from the waist down after falling into the Ski suit.
2. Member ski suits and even body Ski suit Ski suit in two ways. Ski wear inner layer of insulation should use good thermal insulation cotton cotton or DuPont, for the skiers to take the cable channels provide a satisfactory insulation. Even simple Ski suit, dress comfortable easy to avoid snow effect scores are good, but the dress is in trouble. First, add charm for the campaign, also for other skiers with an eye-catching logo, to avoid the occurrence of collisions.
3. ski clothes asked to zip, zipper, can be easy to wear gloves. Zipper to have wind-break walls on the outside to prevent sliding zipper slit into the body in the cold wind. To be opened with several convenient pockets, in order to categorize some commonly used ski supplies mount, easy to use.
4. separately from the other glove fingers, gloves, wrist length; ski Hat best selection of head, it just came out of the first half, to avoid cold wind on the face of Mars.