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Ski Wear Choose Four Taboos

Tip1: not too tight
When choosing a ski suit, first is too small or too tight of clothing is not an option, that would limit the sliding action. For starters, put one ski suit than in two places at once when convenient Ski suit. If there is no one-piece Ski suit, a pair of acrylic cotton elastic long knee pad, a pair of wide wristbands and a scarf may also protect against snow.
Tip2: avoid wearing white
From color Shang see, best select can and white formed larger contrast of red, and orange yellow, and blue or variety color match of striking tones, a is for other ski who provides striking of logo, to avoid collision accident of occurred; II is for this items movement added charming of charm, a beautiful, and fit of professional ski clothing can let you in experience nature of movement happy Shi still highlight body beautiful of curve. Best not to wear all-white Ski suit.
Tip3: open zipper
Ski opening with zipper, so they can easily wear gloves while operating. Ski clothes to be opened with several convenient pockets, to categorize some commonly used ski supplies to load, easy to use. Because it is often necessary to finish by hand ski equipment and holding the slide poles so skiing gloves large, to select the five fingers separately. Gloves and wrist side to long, better keep the cuff cover, such as elastic band seal, we can effectively prevent snow from entering.
Tip4: lingerie best non-cotton
How to choose and use the underwear is also important. When choosing lingerie, not the best cotton products, can be attached to wearing a nylon with mesh tank top and a elastic cotton vest on the outside, out of the body in sweat, through adsorption to stretch nylon vest vest, not a feeling of cold. If economic conditions permit, you can also choose a Silk Underwear made of Pu fiber material, which itself does not absorb water, the outer layer is cotton, sweat can be adsorbed on the cotton, the effect is very good. (Shengyuan ski service