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Skiing Clothing And Jackets Are Not The Same

Skiing Clothing are generally divided into competitive clothes and travel suits. Competitive clothing is designed according to the characteristics of the competition project, focusing on the improvement of sports performance. Travel clothes are mainly warm, beautiful, comfortable and practical. Skiing Clothing color is generally very bright, it is not only from the aesthetic considerations, more important is from the security aspects of thinking. If skiing in the mountains, especially on steep slopes, away from the construction of the ski resort prone to collapse or lost direction, in this case bright clothing for the search to provide a good vision.

Jackets, also known as windbreaker or raincoat, outdoor sports enthusiasts are one of the necessary equipment. Whether it is urban leisure family, or ordinary weekend picnic lovers, whether you are doing long distance hiking and mountain climbing, or professional adventure, climbing ice, and even climb seven or eight kilometers of snow-capped mountains, a suitable for their "all-weather "Jackets are your essential choice.

Skiing Clothing parameters are generally much higher than the jacket. There are Skiing Clothing are cotton, not fleece; Skiing Clothing are stretch type of material. Because the action range will be great. Ski trousers trousers that have anti-wear thickening. General Skiing Clothing the left cuffs have a pockets dedicated to the cable car. Ski jacket brand is not the production of Jackets, and Jackets brand is generally more than habitat production will produce different types of Skiing Clothing, such as Pathfinder brand; most of the Jackets are designed to tuck off the heat zipper, it can Easy to allow users to outdoor activities, according to the actual use of the temperature at any time to adjust the clothing. For high-end Jackets, zippers are usually waterproof products. The Skiing Clothing because of its movement characteristics, it is the zipper generally designed around the chest and the front of the upper limbs. Ski wear of high-end products also use waterproof zipper. Now Jackets are in the light of the line, the use of hot-fit technology mature, a large number of new technology fabrics are widely used to make the Jackets as a whole to reduce the number of unnecessary weight. Compared with Skiing Clothing, Jackets are more lightweight, easier to look. And relative to the Jackets, ski clothing more emphasis on clothing waterproof and warmth. So, in the fabric requirements are relatively high, will use more materials to improve the performance of these indicators, such as thicker lining, more fabric pressure coating. As a result, Skiing Clothing are relatively more heavy and more complex.

Skiing Clothing and jackets are the same is not available washing machine cleaning, or in the washing machine under the strong pressure waterproof layer and cloth will be separated, Jackets and Skiing Clothing are often wearing a long time to wash once, do not mind hand wash once. Jackets are easy to remove the stains, with easy to remove the stains, with a neutral detergent bubble twenty minutes or so, more spoiled place with a soft brush or sponge rub can be wiped clean, do not have to screw directly after the hook The hanger is dry. Ski clothes can be a little hot bubble for five minutes and then painted with stained algae in a stained place and then brush the brushes with a brush, wash it can not be dry or wring dry, hang directly with clothes hanging so there will not be Fold.