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Skiing Clothing Produce Different Models

Ski wear parameters are generally much higher than the charge clothes. There are also Skiing Clothings are cotton, not velvet, and Skiing Clothings are stretched materials. Because the action will be very large. Ski pants pant legs that have a wear-resistant thickening treatment. The general Skiing Clothing left Cuff has a special pocket for the cable car. The brand of Skiing Clothing basically does not produce the charge clothing, but the brand of the charge clothing is the more and more habitat production will produce different type of Skiing Clothing, for example, Pathfinder brand; Most of the charge clothing is designed to have a thermal zipper under the covers, it can be convenient for users in outdoor activities, according to the actual use of the situation at any time to adjust the temperature in the clothing. For high-end charge clothing, zippers are usually waterproof function of products. And the Skiing Clothing because of its movement characteristic, is the zipper general design in the chest periphery and the upper limb front. Skiing Clothings of high-grade products also use waterproof zipper. Now the charge clothes are taking the lightweight line, the mature use of hot-laminating technology, a large number of new technology fabrics widely used to reduce the overall charge clothing a lot of unnecessary weight. Compared with the Skiing Clothing, the charge clothes are lighter and the shape is simpler. In contrast to the charge clothing, ski wear more emphasis on the waterproof and warmth of the clothing function. Therefore, in the fabric requirements are relatively high, will use more materials to improve these performance indicators, such as thicker lining, more fabric adhesive coating. As a result, Skiing Clothings are relatively thicker and more complex in overall form.

The Skiing Clothing and the charge clothing are a bit the same is not to use the washing machine, otherwise in the washing machine under the pressure of the waterproof layer will be separated from the cloth, charge clothing and ski wear is often worn for a long time before washing once, do not mind washing once. Charge clothing easy to dirty cloth is chemical fiber material, very easy to remove dirt traces, with neutral detergent bubble 20 minutes or so, the place with a soft brush or sponge wipe can be clean, after cleaning without screwing directly hanging hanger dry. Skiing Clothings can be slightly soaked in hot water for five minutes and then coated with clear algae in the place where there is a stain and then brush with the brush of the clothes, the washing is not dry or dry, directly with the clothes hanging up so there will be no wrinkles.