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The Design Process Of Cycling Clothing

At ordinary times, we have many kinds of design process of Cycling Clothing, the main is the following said some requirements:

1, lesson preparation: Cycling Clothing a large amount of relevant information, painstaking research, understand the requirements and feelings of riding clothing design, learning excellent brand design ideas.

2, the idea: first set a few design directions.


Plan one: The environment elements can be considered into the design, reflecting the concept of environmental protection.

Scenario Two: The concept of movement is embodied in abstract graphics and youthful vigor.

Plan three: The use of illustrations to reflect the lively interest, should pay attention to sports and public welfare.

3. Sketch Drawing

A variety of schemes are to be sketched, focusing on the details of the process, trying logo graphics extension and auxiliary memory elements.

4. Design Direction Confirmation

Pick one from a variety of scenarios and focus on grooming.

5, design back and side

As a continuation of the graphics, the design of the back is symmetrically handled, and a complete cycling team logo is placed.

6. Production Stage

1 Cloth Selection

2 Version Choice

3) Cost control

4 Cutting processing

Fabrics should be used fast dry fabric: thin air, the surface area of the expansion is conducive to faster evaporation speed, exercise perspiration function. The porosity of the surface rule ensures the permeability of the cloth. And the quality is very light, wears in the body very comfortable, is the home traveling must supplies.

The basic Cycling Clothing is the amount of the above mentioned process.