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The Difference Between A Skiing Clothing And An Emergency Suit


Compared with the Skiing Clothing, the charge clothes are lighter and the shape is simpler. Charge clothes are in the light weight of the line, the mature use of hot-laminating technology, a large number of new technology fabrics widely used to make the charge clothing overall reduced a lot of unnecessary weight. and ski clothing More emphasis on the clothing function of waterproof (wind) and warmth. Therefore, in the fabric requirements are relatively high, will use more materials to improve these performance indicators, such as thicker lining, more fabric adhesive coating. As a result, Skiing Clothings are more complex and relatively heavy on the whole.

Wind protection face

The neckline of the charge clothing is generally designed to be simple, with the basic use of soft material, most of which is used to protect the mouth. The Skiing Clothing is more complex, generally in ski wear hood with windproof face, the main role is in the skiing process to prevent the speed of the face caused by cold wind frostbite.

Cuffs and trousers mouth

Simple to say is the charge clothing, trousers simple, Skiing Clothing, trousers complex. Strictly speaking, the charge vest has only one cuff, which is straightforward. and ski clothing in order to prevent from the cuff of the wind, generally designed to be more complex, some styles in the cuffs of the design of 2 openings, similar to the style of the gloves, the same, the two pants mouth also exist similar differences, ski pants basically in the pants mouth have two layers of anti-snow design, and charge pants because can use snow cover to solve the requirements of snow and lightweight, so, the pants mouth is generally designed to shrink mouth is enough to use. From the current market view, only the use of the above-mentioned emergency trousers have complex trousers mouth device, and the popularity of the use of the snow-like and the design of the charge pants is very simple and convenient.

4. Pocket

Based on the simple requirements of charge clothing, its pockets are generally very small, some styles of bag sealed with Velcro only, not only simple and convenient and does not affect the overall weight of clothing. For Skiing Clothings, there is no need to be so stingy, in order to allow skiers to keep ski goggles, gloves, mobile phones and other personal items. Skiing Clothings are arranged in a lot of pockets, and openings are very large, convenient for skiers with gloves can be taken to put items; The basic use of zipper seals, to prevent the loss of goods during strenuous exercise. It needs to be said: A lot of small pockets in the Skiing Clothing, the material is soft to store the mobile phone and ski mirror; These details are designed by the costume designer to take full account of the user's actual needs.

5. Thermal Zipper

Most of the charge clothing is designed to have a thermal zipper under the covers, it can be convenient for users in outdoor activities, according to the actual use of the situation at any time to adjust the temperature in the clothing. For high-end charge clothing, zippers usually use waterproof function of YKK products. And the Skiing Clothing because of its movement characteristic, is the zipper general design in the chest periphery and the upper limb front. The same as the charge suit, the Skiing Clothing's upscale product also uses the waterproof zipper.

6. Wind (snow) skirt

The windproof (snow) skirt is designed to prevent the wind from pouring and falling snow from the lower part of the garment. It's basically a necessary design for a Skiing Clothing. But for the charge clothes it can be dispensable design, from the development trend of light weight charge clothing, wind (snow) skirt is certainly a lightweight concept discarded one of the choices; From personal experience, I have almost no use in outdoor activities. Rather, it is cumbersome, not only to increase the weight of clothing, but also to have no necessary use value. At present, only the old style of the charge clothing design has a kind of structure, therefore, this is the distinction between the two types of clothing one of the main signs.

7. Wear-Resisting layer

Because of the extraordinary nature of skiing, many ski pants will be in the joints or the body prone to friction in the part of the design of a very thick wear-resistant fabric, although it will cause the overall weight of clothing increased, but it is a good extension of the garment life. Charge pants are different, generally in addition to the harsh conditions designed for the trousers (such as the snow snow above the mountaineering activities use), basically only in the most easily damaged place to do simple anti-wear treatment. The difference is also based on product design positioning.