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The Difference Between Punch Pants And Skiing Pants

Many outdoor sports enthusiasts do not understand the difference between the Skiing Clothing and multi-functional coat, in fact, many professional skiers on this issue is not very clear, specifically where the difference between them?

1, the wind pocket: In addition to some old multi-functional coat, the general multi-functional coat are no wind pocket, while Skiing Clothing must have a wind pocket, the main role of the wind pocket has two: one, to prevent irrigation; When the fall from the waist into the snow.

2, ventilation zipper: multi-functional coat of the zipper in general under the armpit, and ski service ventilation zipper in the front of the upper arm and the bottom of the clavicle, whether it is multi-functional coat or Skiing Clothing, high-end clothing will generally have waterproof zipper The

3, grimace design: grimace that is the ski suit hood in front of the face, you can prevent the snow when the wind is too fast on the face caused by frostbite. Multi-functional coat does not require grim design.

4, cuff design: multi-functional coat cuffs for a single opening, that is, only one cuff, and Skiing Clothing have two openings cuffs, respectively, out of the thumb and the remaining four fingers, such a design in the grasp of the snow pole will not feel cold The

5, inner pocket: multi-functional coat also has a pocket, but Skiing Clothing will generally have a special set of snow inside the pocket, usually pocket there will be a piece of soft cloth used to clean snow.

6, pocket openings: some multi-functional coat pocket openings will use Velcro, but Skiing Clothing will use zipper, to prevent the fall pocket things out.

7, weight: In general, multi-functional coat will be lighter, better waterproof, because the ski suit is more emphasis on the wind and warmth, the water resistance requirements are not high.

8, trousers: Ski pants inside the trousers will do thickening, because the two legs in the slide when the two feet are easy to collide with each other, trousers easily damaged.

9 strap: ski pants most will have a strap, one is to improve the waist position, so that after the fall of the snow; the second is to prevent the release of a substantial action.