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We Talk About The Three-tier Dress Rules Of Cycling Clothing

Winter move a move, less a disease; winter lazy lazy, drink a bowl of medicine. Many love to ride a small partner in the winter of passion is absolutely beyond our imagination. Winter environmental variability, the right dress is the basis of outdoor personal safety. When the wind raging, storms, clothing is enough to support the evacuation; when the temperature fluctuations, clothing to be able to increase or decrease response; when the strenuous exercise, clothing to be able to regulate body temperature, keep the body comfortable. Then the problem is coming, do you think it is very chic to wear, but you wear it?

◎ your car more than ten thousand, but in Taobao choose more than one hundred riding suit You are very generous in the car upgrade assembly, investment in personal equipment is particularly shy, simple and rude is not picky eaters?

◎ When you are sweating in the time to undress, in the cold when the trembling wear jacket?

◎ you are used to wear a very bloated, that is enough to keep warm; or Feng light warm clothes for the standard, that as long as a wear pieces down jacket can?

◎ winter wearing a helmet, chilly to burst, why a riding a small cap to solve?

So, the first phase we talk about the three-tier dress clothing law.

Many small partners have heard three layers of dressing rules, nothing less than the base layer, warm layer, protective layer. Cycling Clothing three layers of Cycling Clothing law is the scientific nature:

1, the purpose of Cycling Clothing and equipment is to keep warm, protection and comfort, and warmth is the first element;

2, riding the face of the outdoor environment is changing, riding equipment should be fully equipped with mobility and coordination;

3, the body against the winter wet and cold environment, try to keep dry, sweat caused by loss of temperature on the body of the great danger.

Scientific empirical monitoring, 36.1 ℃ ~ 37.5 ℃ as a narrow safe temperature range, it is to ensure that the normal metabolism and life activities necessary conditions. The advantage of the three-tier dress rule of the Cycling Clothing is that it is managed from the inside, and after layering, it is prevented from overheating during exercise and prevents cold during the rest, so as to keep the body warm and dry in the natural environment.