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What Are Some Of The Features And Introductions Of Cycling Clothing?

Cycling Clothing is a lot of people like some of the costumes, in the ride when it is necessary for everyone to put on the best, can be very good to protect our bodies:

The benefits of a specific Cycling Clothing are as follows;

A. Winter composite Cycling Clothing

Winter Composite Cycling Clothing: This type of clothing, as the name suggests, is winter wear, both windproof, breathable and warm, suitable for 0 degrees up and down, so generally in the southern region of winter, wearing this kind of Cycling Clothing can be. The so-called composite fabric, is mainly composed of 3 layers of composite materials, the outermost wind out windproof material, the layer of the plush warm material, so can achieve a good wind and air ventilation. This kind of rides the general style to be comparatively casual, the function is diverse, the daily clothing also is very suitable. Therefore, if you choose to wear Cycling Clothing in winter car friends, it is recommended that you choose this type of style. There are also similar fabrics made of windproof pants, also suitable for winter wear.

Two. Summer Long sleeve clothes

Summer long sleeve Cycling Clothing, as the name implies, has been identified in the season of wear-summer. This kind of Cycling Clothing, the fabric and the craft, and the short sleeve Cycling Clothing is the same, the elasticity is also better. The reason for doing long sleeves, one is to have a sunscreen effect, the second also has a certain role in the cold, can be in the summer or early autumn wear.

Three. Washing of Cycling Clothing

The washing of the Cycling Clothing generally pay attention to the following problems: Before washing must see the washing instructions on the washing mark of the Chu. (The washing mark is generally below the rear collar of the coat; the washing instructions of the trousers are below the logo of the lower part of the head)

Because all of the European Dutch Cycling Clothing are nylon, polyester, and other High-tech chemical fiber fabrics, they have a good performance, not shrink, not easy to deformation, will not wash fade, easy to take care of the characteristics, it is best to wash according to the washing instructions alone.

But many families like to wash together with other clothes for convenience, speed, energy saving and water saving. It does not matter, as long as the water temperature is not more than 40 degrees, the depth of clothing separate, do not use the ultra alkaline, super acidic washing material under the premise that you can wash with other clothing!

Four. The function of riding the suit

The cycling competition is the athlete speed, the endurance and the skill intense competition, also is the high-tech riding equipment competition. Ride to obey the style of determination, color collocation has been carefully considered, and functional fabric selection and development is the key to design. From a professional point of view, Cycling Clothing is roughly divided into three categories: cycling underwear, highway Cycling Clothing and riding jacket. From the type can be divided into: male Cycling Clothing, female Cycling Clothing and riding accessories. and ride accessories can be divided into riding gloves, riding sleeves, riding a hat, riding shoes and riding a windbreaker.

The comfort of the fabric is very high because of the personal wear of the cycling underwear. When the weather is colder, it usually chooses the polyester fabric which is warm, breathable and thermal insulation, and the light fabric with perspiration, breathable and easy to dry is preferred, such as mesh polyester fabric when the weather is hotter. Now many companies have to remove bacteria, deodorant as the focus of research. Odlo Cycling Underwear Company, in 2004 introduced a effect deodorant fiber, in polyester fiber added not for the naked eye of the silver ions, can effectively reduce the growth of bacteria underwear.

The most important feature of the road cycling clothing fabric is to pay attention to the protection, personal and comfort, and to add some details of the design.

The modified polyester fabric not only has high strength, elasticity, elongation and abrasion resistance, but also has good air permeability and perspiration, which can be quickly discharged by a large amount of sweat, keeping the surface dry.