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Why Must Wear Cycling Jersey?

Necessity of cycling clothing:
Cycling is necessary to buy a Jersey
Cycling clothing, such as gloves, helmets, shoes, riding jacket, pants, sleeves and so on and so on, here, we're talking about riding jacket and pants.
Pants riding jacket to be important, of course, I still recommend you purchase a set of Jersey is better.
Why must wear cycling Jersey?
Reminder you: wear pants without underwear or ventilation also greatly reduced
Why is necessary, the reason is simple, can give you a better ride, get less wind resistance, or a better exhaust perspire all over effect, with the most popular is to say it looks cool from the demand point of view it is necessary, from the player's point of view, so that more professional.
In General, riding clothes are fitting, can effectively avoid the ride occurs, I believe you and I wear loose clothes to ride back was blown almost drum into a balloon experience. So, we said, can effectively reduce wind resistance.
Why must wear cycling Jersey?
Riding apparel fabrics, are generally made of breathable material of major company, so ride sweat can be quickly eliminated from the body. This is a cotton dress could not be reached.
Costume design is so special about riding.
Its highlight performance is: sleeves General are than with size of clothes to long some (is long sleeve riding line clothing words, short sleeves natural no this design), this main is consider to riding line of posture is arm stretch to most long of State, so some long sleeve of riding line clothing, often is sleeves added long of, can guarantee bike of when, still can cover live wrist, parts.
Followed by houjin significantly longer than the front, but much longer, this is also taking into account the former servant posture on the bike and upright posture is different, clothes have the design in General, but this design is particularly evident in riding clothes and prominent.
Friendly reminder: going out to ride must pay attention to the waist of the insulation. Especially when the temperature is low, prolonged exposure to wind and low temperature bare waist, very easily lead to back pain and other ailments.
Once again is the General design of the back or side there are small pockets, 3 Pocket design in common is back, you can put small items, such as chocolate, convenient to add energy.
Why must wear cycling Jersey?
Again almost all of the Jersey are pullovers (or thick except in some winter). Chest to breathable open very long zip. (In General, this zip better men, better ventilation, this relatively conservative design of the women's, avoid wardrobe malfunction (part of the design very good lady Jersey and even a chest in the Jersey care design, eliminating the worry about wearing a BRA with all, and breathe easier))

Finally, the number on the Jersey front and rear and places such as the sleeves have a reflective design, safe riding at night.