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Will You Choose A Professional Cycling Clothing?

Riding a dress with your expensive car always feel a little so do not take, long distance riding not only ass pain, even worse is the occurrence of crotch broken skin "burning" phenomenon!

In fact, when you have the trouble of Syria, the general leisure cycling clothes have been unable to meet your needs; you need is for the protection of long distance riding, special wind tunnel cut and fast sweat drying professional car clothing!

Early cycling and modern compared to the progress of the material in addition to a common point; are using personal tailoring.

More than the personal clothing riding a bike can not only reduce the wind resistance, long trousers are not involved in the tooth plate by risk; in addition to the use of elastic materials such as: Lycra (Lycra) not only to ride when the pants will not roll, tight Material is more able to slow down the muscle tired; tight cut so many people just started to accept, the biggest reason is not tight or uncomfortable ~ but too close, the body curve is too obvious; but we believe that riding a bike will only let Your curve is more and more obvious ~ This is not what we are not happy to see it?

Do you know Cycling Clothing? For the first time wearing a professional ride will feel more casual wear than usual wear casual wear it? Why would there be such a feeling, is the size of the choice of small? Let us know the difference between Cycling Clothing and other clothing.

First of all, the bike Cycling Clothing is specifically for the development and production of bicycle sports clothing category. The front of the Cycling Clothing is short and long. Riding pants on the front waist shallow, long back waist, these are bent over the riding when the posture of specialized design.

In addition, reducing the wind resistance is one of the basic functions of Cycling Clothing, which requires Cycling Clothing must be close to the skin of the three-dimensional cut, not like the daily clothes or leisure sports clothing which loosely set in the body. At the same time, the cultivation of three-dimensional design will also use the elasticity of the fabric itself to the movement of the muscles to provide a fixed force, to a certain extent, to protect the muscles in the riding movement from harm.

Although the Cycling Clothing is close to the skin, but the functional fabric has excellent moisture perspiration function, in the ride, you can still keep the body of the cool friends.

A lot of people Cycling Clothing on the personal ride is resistant, but the personal ride is conducive to reducing the wind resistance, although many people say that anyway, the speed is not fast, do not race, do not need to consider that point of wind resistance, but always predecessors After verification, we come to this purpose. Wear and not wear, it is there, listen and not listen, all in your favorite.