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Women's Cycling Clothing Suit Evaluation

As a "city beauty", if you do not run on the weekend, do not exercise, do not ride, see friends you are embarrassed to say that he is a white collar. If you are a riding enthusiast, whether you are with a male friend or ride with the girlfriend, without a set of temperament Cycling Clothing is absolutely not. Today, this set of Cycling Clothing is from the SPARCT (SPAKCT) women's professional riding clothes, it is not only a unique charm of pink color, there is a classical name - "Invitation".

And men riding a Cycling Clothing "Knight" focus on the ultimate breath of breath is different, "invited the month" This specifically designed for women riding the main comfort, the material is very silky, the perfect fit the user's body, Exaggerated that is ants climb up will slip. In addition, the clothes on the fine ventilation holes to meet the fit at the same time, but also take into account the perspiration. Critics wearing riding 30 minutes, slightly sweat, did not feel the fabric stick to the skin discomfort. Chest "petals in full bloom" -like pattern design, highlights the women's unique "woman flower" temperament.

Zipper, it can affect a ride on the overall feeling of riding a Cycling Clothing. "Invitation" is used in the YKK self-locking white zipper, sliding up and down the clouds, did not feel Caton or dry, and exquisite small zipper head will not affect the overall beauty of the ride. In addition, the "chicken heart collar" chic design is in line with the aesthetic needs of women, to some extent can also play a "stretch the face" of the marginal effect. It is worth mentioning that, if the mouth at the human design of the details of the isolation zipper head, for women more fragile skin, will play a better protective effect.

Cuffs change the commonly used rubber lock mouth, but the design for the elastic slightly smaller, but the higher comfort of the fine mesh fabric. This is also because women in the ride process, the comfort of the experience than the thrill of pleasure is more important. In addition, the right cuffs gradient design for the simple pink add a touch of different colors, the visual will be more attractive, this point to give designers extra points.

Mesh fabric has become a set of high-end Cycling Clothing standard, "inviting the moon" this side of the ride also the same generous use of this magical fabric, both to meet the perspiration perspiration, comfort and Will not be discounted. In addition, the side of the huge "SPAKCT" Logo joined a large number of reflective material, for fear of sun and choose to ride the safety of women to provide a guarantee.

Back mesh fabric mesh is particularly large, we can vaguely see the evaluation of the movement of Bra, this place of a bullet, and became a woman between the "fighting machine" place. In addition, the open mesh will also ride for a good cooling experience, the evaluation of the intensity of riding an hour later, the back was sweating, but did not feel the accumulation of sweat uncomfortable, but because the air blowing, and feel The back of the waves of cool. Back mesh design once again brought the designer's sincerity, bold and color and jump the pattern, so that this ride full of vitality and passion.

Back design of the three riding pockets, there are more obvious folds, for the keen on the wind of the women is a relatively troublesome problem, and both want to Pro, but also want to bring some sunscreen and the like bottles and jars Cans of women's riders, large and deep pocket for them to provide a convenient.

Wide feet of the edge of the package also has a very high comfort, you can see the protrusion of a circle is hidden in the mouth of the mouth of the rubber band, the grain of the package with a rubber band, Can be a good fit thigh. However, to enjoy such a sense of stability, may need to be done by the rubber band out of a little bit of traces of the price, but for the Cycling Clothing of Pro riders, this should not be anything.

This "inviting month" main pink, and reasonable ride pants designed for black and white color, lively and yet stable. So love riding you whether it is Lolita, sweetheart, or queen, this woman can ride your professional temperament perfectly in place. Compared to the girls in the closet of thousands of high heels, bags, skirts, this set of official price of 428 yuan / set of pink Cycling Clothing is not too expensive, but it gives you life to add the sun and enhance the quality But not at all less.